who we are

Over the last 10 years we have provided high quality, reliable and cost effective IT solutions to a wide range of companies across the Singapore. We plan, design, supply, install and maintain pc and network solutions. We also work with a wide variety of companies; ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large blue chip corporations.

Our business operates on two levels. At one level we provide "hands on" pc and network services to small and medium sized companies. We design, plan, install and maintain computer and network solutions.


We troubleshoot existing installations and we build green field computer and network solutions.We also provide consultancy and project management services to large blue chip corporations. We manage large programmes of work such as desktop upgrades, server migration, security enhancement, etc. We provide project and programme management functions. Over the last couple of years we have managed teams ranging in size from 5 to 50 people. We have the "hands on" experience of real world IT projects.

Our experience within the corporate sector enables us to bring corporate thinking to the small and medium business - without the cost. This means that you benefit from the latest technology thinking, processes and procedures.10 years has seen us handle a multitude of different projects. Our knowledge base is considerable. You are therefore guaranteed to benefit from our extensive experience. Except those where we have signed a non disclosure agreement we can provide references for most of our current projects.

Why Us

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service; think of us as your IT concierge. By combining our extensive technological experience with a thorough understanding of your needs we deliver high quality and relevant solutions that work.

our philosophy

In today's market place, there are many vendors who provide general and basic maintenance at extreme low value with poor services, which result in clients being badly served. These are vendors who put the word "sales" before "services", we believe it is high time to change and revive the situation.

iTech Support2 is set up to address this major shortcoming in the market where our team belief through excellent service and integrity, we will be able to build a long-term relationship and trust with our clients.

What we do

Proactive Support

Get 24/7/365 server and networking device monitoring with regular, scheduled onsite support to keep everything running smoothly.

Comprehensive Health Check

very server, workstation and networking device will get a complete health check. Get a complete network map and asset list for you to keep.

Regular Service Reviews

Regular meetings with your dedicated Account Manager to keep your business and IT aligned. Get access to a virtual CIO to help you with your IT planning.

The Way We Conduct Business

While we do strive to remain a profitable company, we believe strongly in conducting businesses with the highest level of business ethics. Profits are important to enable us to continue what we are doing, but it is certainly not the only reason why we're still in business today. The biggest satisfaction comes from our clients, when they thank us for transforming their problematic IT systems to a problem-free IT system they can rely on – this is what keeps us going. We've implemented a number of policies to help us stay focused on our goals:

- Be it on or off-hours, we will resolve problems as soon as possible and worry about the agreed service level later. This is because we understand that your work is affected and delays can lead to lost businesses or missed deadlines.

- Rather than tying you up with a huge up-front payment, we prefer to establish a good long-term relationship with you based-on mutual benefits. That's the reason why we adopt a customized contractual model where it's streamline to your budget and objectives

- Part of our services includes providing professional advice to our clients on technology procurement and qualifying vendors. In order to provide unbiased recommendations, we strive to remain a neutral-party by not becoming a reseller of any IT products or services. That's why we are not the preferred-partner of Microsoft or Dell, or HP etc.