Virtualization Solutions and Implementation Services

At iTech Support 2, we are aware that success demands agility. We have developed a variety of virtualization solutions to promote agility in your business. With the growing number of applications, it is difficult to add a new storage system and server for each new workload. That is why we offer server consolidation and storage consolidation solutions for your benefit, which help in support planning and implementation.

With our virtualization solutions in Singapore, you will be able to leverage application and data migration tools that will enable you to save time and also minimize disruption in operations. Our virtualization services will help you meet your current and emerging challenges and also facilitate the productivity of your IT staff. We offer innovative and advanced virtualization management solutions that enable you to simplify management across your virtual infrastructure.

We provide virtualization implementation such as operating system-level virtualization, application virtualization, workspace virtualization, service virtualization, storage virtualization, virtual file system, network virtualization, and many other more.